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Telus offers a variety of solutions to gather valuable customer satisfaction and experience Feedback as well as the voice of the customer, in-store. The real-time alerts and online dashboard provide management with the ongoing ability to benchmark staff and overall service performance, as well as implementing real-time in-store service recovery and assistance. Sectors such as FMCG, retail, commercial, government and many other client-service orientated environments can benefit from using Telus solutions.
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Customer Feedback

Ask questions that will help keep you on top of your game. Because it’s easy, you’ll get loads of feedback to work with. Clipboard surveys are dead. Let’s move forward!

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call for assistance

Customers can tell you when they need some help Your staff is alerted can appear out of nowhere! Management can see how long it took staff to swoop in and assist.

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Footfall Counter

Keep track on how many customers enter areas of interest in your store. Specialized sensors count customers and provide the data in weekly reports and an online dashboard that allows you to compare stores and date ranges.

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Real-TIme Alerts

Get notified in real-time when customers require assistance or have had a negative experience

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View response times from anywhere. Experience and satisfaction metrics are vital to your business.

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We’re looking for like-minded agents offering complementary products and services within the retail, government and commercial sectors.